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Why Choose Us?

Personal Touch

 We believe in giving extra special attention to our Paradise clients. We provide helpful photo tips, guides and inspirations on what to wear to make your photos the best they can be! Have questions or need help? Our fun and friendly photographers are just a phone call away! You’re not just a number or name. We want to get to know you in order to photograph you better. 

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Attention to Detail

We hand adjust and correct each photo with special attention and detail using the latest professional photography software.  Retouching services are popular with our clients who want a beautifully finished and polished photo.  We also take special care of your finished images by archiving them in secure off site locations to protect your treasured memories.   

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Follow-up & Service

 We would like to meet you with you before you leave the island to show you your photos, explain the retouching process and help you select your favorites.  This is also an opportunity for you to touch and feel our amazing museum grade products.  Our friendly staff will then follow up with you when you return home. All of our photography services and products are 100% guaranteed! 

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Our team of experienced graphic designers and retouch artists will transform your photos into works of art. Taking photos outside on the beach presents a unique set of aesthetic challenges.  Whether it’s removing sunburns, taming flyaway hair or retouching clothing that fills with wind, there is no job too difficult for our photographers and retouchers.         

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