Babymoon / Maternity

The aptly named “babymoon” is really a hybrid between a maternity and a vacation honeymoon photo shoot. The babymoon photo session normally takes place in the last months before the birth of a woman’s first child. So the idea is, why not go on another honeymoon vacation before the baby is born and the family becomes the main focus of a couple’s married life. And in what better location is there to do his holiday vacation photo session than on the best beaches in the world in the stunning Turks and Caicos Islands!!!


Senior Portraits

The modern high school senior portrait has become more like a fashion shoot than a posed portrait session of the past. This is your opportunity to be the super star or the super model that you have always dreamed about. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your favorite prop, your favorite clothes, that which helps define who you are. Our best photographer in the Turks and Caicos will handle the rest.

Individual Portraits

We all need to take time off to relax and immortalize ourselves. Perhaps a Turks and Caicos personal or fashion photography photo session is what you need. So, get ready and put on your best face, don your best dress, and let us find your best side. And let’s do it together in paradise!!



In the days before photographs, the portrait was a painting commissioned by a talented artist that became a personal or family heirloom which was passed down the generational lines. Paradise Photography places the same importance on the modern day photographic portrait. So our Turks and Caicos portrait photographers see themselves as craftsmen who start with an amazing image, and then transform it into a photographic work of art to be enjoyed by many future generations.