Business of the Year 2015

Who We Are

Our internationally acclaimed Turks and Caicos based photographers are sought after by clients from around the world for their unique and creative styles. Our vision is to create fresh, dynamic and authentic images of an artistic and natural quality. With decades of experience, the photography team at Paradise Photography will take your best photos ever and deliver images better than you could have imagined.

Christine Morden

tucks and caicos photoChristine has pursued her passion for photography for over 20 years. Her work is highly sought after and is found in publications such as Caribbean Travel & Life, London Times, Destinations Wedding & Honeymoons, and Elite Traveler. The passion for her work, and her contagious and lively personality are evident in the excitement she brings to each photo session. She is known for portraying her clients’ true essence through her natural shooting style and her ability to keep her subjects relaxed. Her goal is to capture the best image possible and to make each photo session a memorable and dynamic experience. An attorney by training, Christine practiced law for over a decade, principally on Capitol Hill and for the White House. Those credentials helped her gain access to unique opportunities, including photographing the President and the First Lady. EMAIL

James Roy

turks and caicos photo“There are artists who transform the sun into a yellow spot, but there are others, who thanks to their art and intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun.” (Picasso). James Roy is such an artist. His work makes the ordinary extraordinary, and provides viewers with glimpses of new meaning into everyday experiences. James brings with him over of 25 years of professional and personal photographic experience. He is an award winning Master and Craftsman Photographer and is highly sought after for his teaching workshops and his world class fine art portfolios. In the past 20 years he has photographed over 2000 weddings throughout the US and abroad. His unique wedding images have been published and featured on the covers of many US wedding journals and in Professional Photographers of America’s Professional Photographer magazine. EMAIL

Frank Kentaro Withers

Tursks and Caicos PhotoGraduating cum laude with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Photography, Frank Kentaro Withers is one of those rare photographers who is both naturally talented and formally educated in the art and technical aspects of photography. He is also a classically trained pianist and an avid disc jockey. He is proficient in Japanese and frequently travels to Japan to visit relatives and to photograph and enjoy the Japanese art, language and culture. Frank is addicted to the creative process. He is a well rounded and multi-faceted image maker who quickly developed his talent and the diversity of his portfolio in his initial years as a professional. He is as comfortable shooting high fashion on city streets as he is shooting exotic cars and ancient temples in Japan. EMAIL

Romello Williams

Turks and Caicos PhotoBorn and raised in the caribbean, Romello Williams is a rare and welcomed addition to the Paradise Photography team. He is naturally talented and passionate about the photographic art form and all of its complexities. He is one of a very few photographers who is formally trained in photography. He graduated with a Masters of Science in the film and photography art forms. His passion for the craft is evident in his abundant enthusiasm and positive energy around his clients. Having grown up in the tropics he is also very familiar with the beauty that this environment offers, and he is also adept in handling the challenges that this unique environment presents. Romello’s many other interests include playing volleyball. He played in college and was also an assistant college coach. EMAIL