Business of the Year 2015

Everyone loves a landscape, perhaps because it represents the natural world in which humans have lived since time
immemorial. Our amazing world provides a never ending backdrop of nature’s beauty. The following
gallery represents over 30 years of travel, exploration, fun and adventure.
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Architecture represents our built environment just as the landscape represents our natural environment. Architecture also freezes moments
in human history. For instance, a venetian baroque facade is more than just a work of art. It is a legacy to a period in human history
four hundred years ago when art, culture, music and architecture defined the human stage; much like the computer and the
internet do today. The following gallery represents genres of architecture from the ancient to the modern.
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The staircase is a familiar architectural form that can take innumerable shapes. Images of them are sometimes identifiable,
and sometimes they are just amazing abstracts that intrigue the viewer. The staircases in this gallery are all of the above
and more. After enjoying this collection, you will never view a staircase the same again. See for yourself.
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The carnival of Venice, Italy, takes its name from the latin carnem levare, or in modern Italian, carnevale- the farewell to meat. This venetian festival has its origins as far back as 1090, although most scholars date its beginnings in the compagnie di calze or stocking companies
of the 15th century. These were private social clubs whose members identified themselves with different colored hose. From these
humble beginnings was born the carnival- a festival where anyone, including the ruling classes, would don costumes and masks
as an excuse for breaking social barriers, assuming different identities, and indulging in all manners of carnal pleasure. The
event always ended on martedi grasso or fat Tuesday, the day just before the beginning of the catholic Lent.

The many other carnivals around the world, such as the mardi gras of New Orleans and the carnival of Rio De Janeiro, are all modern day
festivals of this same venetian ancestry. In Venice today, the event occurs during the ten days before Lent and is concentrated in
Saint Mark’s Square. The elegant venetian architecture and unusual micro climate of this location provide a spectacular
atmosphere in which one can enjoy visitors from around the world dressed in sumptuous costumes.
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The reflections in this portfolio are mirror images of objects on the surface of water, windows, and automobiles. Like our staircase
images, some of these reflections are recognizable and others are just abstract and beautiful.
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The natural world is filled with myriad players, and the fauna and flora are the spice of our landscape.
With out them the world would be a very empty place.
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