Meet Our Team!

Christine Morden

Christine has pursued her passion for photography for over 20 years. Her work is highly sought after and is found in publications such as Caribbean Travel & Life, London Times, …

Christine Morden

James Roy

“There are artists who transform the sun into a yellow spot, but there are others, who thanks to their art and intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun.” (Picasso). James Roy is such an artist.

James Roy

Renise Peters

Renise’s electric smile will light up any room! Her artistic eye sets her apart, and, paired with an ever-burning passion, she uniquely stands out from other up-and-coming photographers.

Renise Peters
We promise to deliver images better than you could have imagined

Meet Us!

Name: Christine Morden

From: Washington DC

The passion for her work, and her contagious and lively personality are evident in the excitement she brings to each photo session. She is known for portraying her clients’ true essence through her natural shooting style and her ability to keep her subjects relaxed. Her goal is to capture the best image possible and to make each photo session a memorable and dynamic experience. An attorney by training, Christine practiced law for over a decade, principally on Capitol Hill and for the White House. Those credentials helped her gain access to unique opportunities, including photographing the President and the First Lady.

I won’t stop until I get the shot.

Name: James Roy

From: Maryland, USA

James brings with him over of 25 years of professional and personal photographic experience. He is an award winning Master and Craftsman Photographer and is highly sought after for his teaching workshops and his world class fine art portfolios. In the past 20 years he has photographed over 2000 weddings throughout the US and abroad. His unique wedding images have been published and featured on the covers of many US wedding journals and in Professional Photographers of America’s Professional Photographer magazine.

I approach each photo shoot with a carpe diem (seize the day) attitude.

Name: Renise Peters

From: The Caribbean

Renise’s electric smile will light up any room! Her artistic eye sets her apart, and, paired with an ever-burning passion, she uniquely stands out from other up-and-coming photographers. Born and raised in the Caribbean, she moved to Turks & Caicos when her parents came to teach in Grand Turk. Renise first discovered her talent for image making in 2009 when she turned to photography for self-expression. Her focus soon expanded from creating self-portraits to shooting everything around her. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications on full scholarship from Alabama State University and an emphasis on media production, she has developed extensive portfolios and had a chance to photograph famous celebrities such as Comedian Steve Harvey, Gospel singer Kirk Franklin, and R&B singer, Kem.

I love capturing the human spirit to make a personal connection with my subjects.

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Paradise Photography is an award-winning full service photography company located in the Turks and Caicos Island that offers a wide variety of custom photography services including weddings, portraits, commercial, corporate/special events, stock, and world class fine art. It’s talented team of artists offers superior service, state-of-the-art products, creative styles and friendly personalities to its clients. Let us deliver images better than you could have imagined!

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What Makes Us Tick

Image making is our passion! We gain inspiration from the beautiful world around us. Whether it’s the aurora borealis in Iceland, Arizona’s colored sandstone canyons of Antelope Canyon, or the morning sunrise on Santorini Greece, nature and the beauty around us help to stimulate our creativity. We harness that creativity and use it to produce dynamic photos of our clients. We are proud to offer for purchase a unique variety of world class portfolios of some of the most eclectic subject matter from the Turks and Caicos and from around the world. See for yourself.

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The way we work, See us in action

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